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About Fundraising

Attaining a superior band program at South Harrison will require hard work, dedication, and funding beyond what the Board of Education is likely to be able to provide.  The South Harrison Band Boosters Association will takes on the responsibility of providing these funds throughout the year with many fundraisers and solicitation of direct donations.

These efforts are required to raise funds for sheet music, contest fees,  equipment, instruments, travel, and other support necessary.  A portion of the money raised is ear-marked to replace or purchase instruments and sound equipment and to add to the music department inventory– that is to say, “Mr. Bloom’s Wishlist”.

Additionally, fundraising can bolster your Student Ledger, which you can use for Band activities such as trip payments, music lessons, instrument purchases and repairs, and payment for Band Booster events.We will try to offer a variety of fundraisers throughout the year; participation is completely optional.

If you would like to know more about the South Harrison Band Boosters, watch this website for more information about regular meetings, which will be  held each month in the High School Band room. All are invited to attend.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in helping out, have some ideas, or just want to hear what’s happening but you can’t make the meeting, contact Mr. Bloom at

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising

Why do we need to raise funds?

A: South Harrison Band Boosters Association uses the Capital Budget for the general expenses required to operate all the band programs at South Harrison. While we receive some funding from the county, we cannot count on obtaining all the funding we need in a given year to elevate the South Harrison band program to one of the best in West Virginia. The Band Director relies on the South Harrison Band Boosters to subsidize funds to help provide the most complete program possible for our students. The South Harrison Band Capital Budget funds are used to pay for, but not limited to, the following items:

  • Purchasing instruments (many kids use school instruments or play two different instruments —— one for marching and one for concert/symphonic, the percussion section, etc.).
  • Repairing and maintaining school owned instruments.
  • Classroom sheet music.
  • Classroom supplies and equipment (music software, the TV, etc.).
  • Transportation and travel costs.
  • Instructional staff that come in to help out with sectionals throughout the academic school year and band camp.
  • Marching Band supplies.
Do I have to participate in fundraisers ?

A: No. But we strongly encourage all students — High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers —— to participate in fundraisers to support the band program. Proceeds of most fundraisers are split with 70% of the proceeds going to the Band Program and 30% going to the Student Ledger.  Proceeds of Product Sales are split with 30% of the proceeds going to the Band Program and 70% going to the Student Ledger.  The profit split of each fundraiser will be announced; however, the ultimate split of proceeds is at the discretion of the Band Boosters Asssocation.

What is the purpose of the Student Ledger?
Many expenses associated with maintaining a good music program are not covered by the school district budget.  A common misconception is that all our fundraising supports the Marching Band program; in fact, we provide supplemental funds for all band members in all performing units by purchasing or underwriting music rights, instruments, band staff, guest performers, and other band and community enrichment activities.

A major function of the South Harrison Band Boosters Association is to provide for those needs for our students.  The Band Boosters Association provides various fundraising opportunities to help band students’ families defray certain band-related costs. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the Business Sponsorship program, product sales, Scrip purchases, and various other opportunities.

All funds raised through these efforts are for the benefit of the South Harrison Band Boosters Association. Though the Band Boosters maintain control of these funds, we will set aside a percentage (typically 30% – 70%) of the profit earned from certain fundraisers in an individual ledger earmarked for the benefit of the student (“Student Ledger”).  Students may spend Student Ledger funds only in connection with expenses approved by the Band Boosters for music activities, including, for example, band trips, lessons, equipment, or musical enrichment activities.

How does money get into my Student Ledger?

Money is placed into Student Ledgers from fundraisers, from overpays, and from direct deposits to this ledger. It’s important to note that once deposited into the Student Ledger, this money may not then be “withdrawn,” unless it’s used for expenses approved by the Band Boosters for music activities including, for example, band trips, lessons, equipment, or musical enrichment activities For fundraisers, the amount that will be credited to the Student Ledger per item sold will be announced with each sale. It will vary from sale to sale.

For what expenses may I use Student Ledger funds?

You may use Student Ledger funds only in connection with music activities approved by the Band Boosters, including, for example, lessons, instruments, instrument repairs, marching band shoes and other equipment, band trips, or other musical enrichment activities.  Funds also may be used to pay for tickets to band events such as fundraising concerts.  Note that funds in the account may also be used to pay for other family members for the band banquet or for trips.

How do I access Student Ledger funds?

You can request money from your Student Ledger by filling out an Student Ledger Withdrawal form.  Click here for a copy of the form.  Once the form is completed (and signed by a parent), turn it in, just like you would turn in a check (in the envelope in the Band Room for that activity).  So if you’re using your student account for ongoing payments (such as deposits for a Band Trip), you must submit a Student Ledger Withdrawal form each time you’d like our Financial Secretary to move funds from your Student Ledger.  If you are requesting reimbursement for a repair or lessons, give your completed form to Mr. Bloom or the Band Boosters Treasurer along with a receipt.

What happens to Student Ledger funds If I leave the Band?

Any money remaining in the Student Ledger when you leave the band– for any reason– reverts to the Band Boosters.  So if you have funds in your Student Ledger and you graduate, or quit the band, or strike it rich as a rock star, the money in youyr Student Ledger goes to the Band Boosters.  Don’t worry, we’ll spend it wisely. The only exception: the balance will roll over to a sibling who is actively participating in a the South Harrison Band Program.

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